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Here’s Where To Get A Burrito Blanket That'll Turn You Into A True Snack

Here’s Where To Get A Burrito Blanket That'll Turn You Into A True Snack

In case you missed it, burritos are having a *huge* moment right now. I'm not talking about edible burritos, though; I'm talking about human burritos. More specifically, I'm referring to human burrito blankets. That's right: Burrito-inspired blankets have gone viral, and tortilla lovers across the internet have been using 'em to wrap themselves up like true snacks. If you're hoping to get cozy on your own, you're probably wondering where to buy one, luckily www.burritoblanket.shop has it! Circle, authentic and cute!  Thankfully, you have quite a few options — so prepare to stock up. The more burrito blankets, the better... right?


If you'd rather stick with circular burrito blankets, you have a few more options. Thankfully, Etsy is selling a round burrito blanket for $41.77. According to its product page, the blanket is five feet (70 inches) in diameter and is made with microfiber. With that being said, it'll be perfect for cozying up with a friend by your side and an actual burrito at hand.

Baby Burrito Blanket

Baby Burrito Blanket

A tortilla blanket has recently taken the internet by storm for letting adults curl up like a human burrito.

Turns out, there's also an option for babies.

www.burritoblanket.shop perfectly matches the now-viral burrito blanket.


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The cotton-polyester blend blanket is from creator Katharine Harlan Owens and is cut and hand-sewn in Brooklyn, New York. The swaddling blanket is recommended for babies up to four months, and the cap is recommended for babies up to three months.

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